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Bedale High School


Schoolshop have been appointed the new supplier for Day Wear at Bedale High School and we wanted to let all parents know ongoing arrangments for obtaining the new uniform.

If you weren't able to attend one of the sizing events held in school during the first 2 weeks of July, we strongly recommend you visit our shop in York to ensure your child can try on the blazer & trousers or skirts, so that the garments fit correctly. We would not recommend guessing the size as you will very likely have to exchange something and given the fact that orders will not be despatched until after 11th August it does not leave a great deal of time to exchange goods.

We a;ready have several hundred orders placed at the sizing evenings, we will add any online orders placed from 15th July to the orders that we already have, but we will not despatch any orders until we receive the new ties, these will not arrive until the end of the 1st week in August AT THE EARLIEST, possibly a little later as the official delivery date from the manufacturer is 11th August. If you place an order before 11th August, please don't contact us to chase your order, but rest assured it will be despatched once we have the ties.

If you come to our shop in York to place your order and get sized, we will take the order and payment at the counter, but your order will not be despatched until we have received the ties, this is to ease the logistics of having to part despatch orders and then send ties as balance of the order. Once we have the ties, you will be able to come to the shop at York and take your order away on the day.

Everyone will be able to get new uniform in plenty of time for the start of the new term on 5th September, however our cut off date for GUARANTEED DELIVERY of orders before school starts is Sunday 20th August 2017. If you place your order by phone or online by that date, you will receive your order before 5th September. If you order after 20th August, your order will be processed as quickly as possible, but we can't guarantee it will arrive in sufficient time for the start of the new term.

We fully appreciate that parents may be anxious about this change of uniform, we have already spoken to a number of parents about these issues and we want to assure and re-assure parents that everything is in hand and nobody will be let down, provided they order by 20th August. If you can't order online before 20th August, we recommend you come to York to get the items you require.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on 01904 607331 or e-mail your enquiry to